The Residency Towers | Review Of The Luxury Five-Star Hotel in Chennai

The Residency Towers is a Luxury Five Star Hotel located in T Nagar, Chennai. Equipped with 174 well-appointed rooms, dining experiences and leisure facilities, The Residency Towers is how you can experience South India’s high-tech hospitality at its best. This hotel offers almost everything and a little more than what you expect. Let me explain what I experienced and what you can expect.

The Residency towers, Chennai, Lobby


The Residency Towers is the bag of a surprise because of its high-tech hotel, and literally, there are two palm trees right in the lobby. So once I checked in, I was escorted to my high-tech room. The room size was decent, and the bed was comfy. They also served welcome desserts consisting of pasties and other chocolate-based desserts. So coming back to the room, it was spacious, with elegant decor, big smart TV and of course, an automated toilet with a warm seat.
If you are familiar with the term ‘Smartphone’, probably you might understand if I call the room ‘Smart room’. The Residency Towers doesn’t come with switches to on lights or pull curtains, everything works through the tablet. You can specifically use it to switch on and off the lights, browse TV, open the curtains, and communicate with the hotel staff for any request or order of food.

Restaurant & Bar

There are three restaurants, a bar and a bakery in The Residency Towers. Even though I couldn’t explore two of its finest restaurant, I did spend quality time eating at one of its restaurants named “Main Street”. The Main Street is a 24-hour thematic multi-cuisine restaurant that serves a delicious buffet for an affordable price. The best part of the Main Street Restaurant is the ambience and interior. It is as fancy as it gets.

Spa, Gym & Swimming Pool

I travelled during the mid-covid season, therefore, I couldn’t experience the Gym & Swimming Pool, however, I did have a tour around, and it’s a very luxurious space. I did take a foot massage at Re-Spa and to be honest, I didn’t like it and it’s overpriced.


The food at The Residency Towers is decent. I cannot rate it as exceptional, but it was good. Chef Senthil is the head chef at this place, and he pulls out some amazing dishes. Even though there is room for improvement with respect to the flavouring of certain food like Mughlai Biryani, I do recommend people to go and explore the magic of the chef in person.

So Finally, The Residency Towers is an exceptionally high-class hotel and I recommend it totally.

The Residency towers, Chennai


Jayanth Dev

Jayanth Dev

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