My Food & Travel Journey Begins!

Have you ever got that feeling of satisfaction by doing something which you love? Well! Today is the day I feel the same. As I pack my bag and leave in a few hours, I thought I should write my feeling before I start a full-fledged food and travel blog. I have been a well-known food blogger in Bangalore, but now I want to expand my horizon.

It is a dream of mine to explore the world and offer the information freely to the public so that they can travel and experience what I lived. The sense of satisfaction I get by doing this is immeasurable.

Even though this article is going to go live little late, I assure you that the journey from today will be consistent. The reason I tell this because I am still planning what to write and how to write. My life has a writer been very bland. Even though I can tell stories in one word/sentence, it is difficult for me to do that in plenty of paragraphs. I do, however, know how to write bland with SEO friendly content.

So with the mix feelings but with more love, I am starting my blog named “The Foodie Travels”. A travel blog which will not only showcase my travel experience but an ultimate food and travel guide so that it helps you guys. The ultimate food and travel guide will help you get complete details of the place and everything else you want before you travel.

So join me via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter) or just Subscribe to my website. Almost forgot, I am launching my Vlog soon so Subscribe to my YouTube channel as well.

Thank you & come along!

Jayanth Dev

Jayanth Dev

Jayanth Dev was born on 1st April 1989 in Bangalore, India. He developed an early interest in writing as a result of his fascination as a child with the stories that appeared to him in his dreams. As most of his writings are typically reflections of his dreams, many people refer to him as a dream writer. His passion for the Old Scriptures sparked creative insights that helped him craft lovely tales that are present in all of his novels.