Meenakshi Mess Pattinapakkam, Chennai | Review Of The Authentic Tamil Style Seafood Restaurant

Meenakshi Mess located in Pattinapakkam, Chennai is a locally famous restaurant serving authentic Tamil Nadu Style SeaFood. With limited seating arrangements, Meenakshi Mess serves amazingly fresh seafood dishes. The location is too deep, and many might not feel comfortable exploring this place, but take a step, and come out of their comfort zone because it’s worth it.

Seafood at Meenakshi Mess


Meenakshi Mess doesn’t have a luxurious ambience, but it has deliciously fresh seafood. The pure Tamil flavours mixed with Kerala influence make this place a unique restaurant. The freshness of the seafood is worth the mention because the owner personally picks it up one by one from the vendor so, there is no old stock, and it’s chemical-free. I tried three different fishes, prawns and a plate of squid. I was very late in ordering prawns and squid so I couldn’t finish it. The Meenakshi Mess owner Ramu did not change me a single rupee. The leftover food went straight to the hungry street dogs. Mr Ramu is a very kind person because he doesn’t care much about money and gives away a lot of free food to poor people who come around the restaurant.
So next time, you are visiting Chennai, do check out this fantastic restaurant. I bet you would love it.

Owner Ramu in front of Meenakshi Mess
Owner Ramu in front of the restaurant


Pattinapakkam, Kuil Thoppu,
Mylapore, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu 600004
Ph: 9444487923 (Mention ‘The Foodie Travels’ when you call)


Jayanth Dev

Jayanth Dev

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