Fisherman Food In Pattinapakkam, Chennai | Authentic Home-Cooked Seafood

Fisherman Food In Pattinapakkam, Chennai

Fisherman Food, located in Pattinapakkam, is a small roadside restaurant serving authentic home-cooked seafood. The restaurant has an outdoor and indoor seating area with a capacity of around 20, but that doesn’t limit its customer base.


Fisherman Food In Pattinapakkam, Chennai
Fish Curry & Rice

Fisherman Food is a very local restaurant located in a very unhygienic place, therefore, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Even though the place is dirty, the food is just amazing. The freshness of fish or prawn or even fish eggs were exceptional. The most famous dish at Fisherman Food is the squid, it was cooked to perfection as it was so soft and flavoursome. The seafood was cooked with the same type of masala, a blend of spices in red chilli paste and shallow fried. It wasn’t that spicy for my tongue, but the fish curry was a little spicy. The fish meals are unlimited, which means that you can ask for unlimited rice. Overall, if you are looking for the best street food in Chennai, then my recommendation would surely be Fisherman Food at Pattinapakkam, Chennai. You would surely love it!

Fisherman Food In Pattinapakkam, Chennai
Anjal fish fry


No 65 Nambikkai Nagar,
Pattinapakkam, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu 600028

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