Lek Wild Food, Pattaya | เล็กอาหารป่า สาขา3 | Rare Thai Unique Cuisine

Lek Wild Food or เล็กอาหารป่า, located in Pattaya, is a unique Jungle Thai restaurant serving some special cuisines. This restaurant is located on Lieb Tang Rodfai Road, just on the outskirts of Pattaya. Lek restaurant serves you delicious Thai food, and if you want to try something unique, ask the owner as I did. He recommended me some unique dishes that shocked and surprised me.


Lek Wild Food, or เล็กอาหารป่า, Pattaya is a cosy place to sit and enjoy delicious meals. The ambience is very calm, and the staffs are very friendly. Even though it doesn’t have a restaurant look and feel, the cosy environment will make you fall in love with it. The food is also quite interesting. They serve generic Thai cuisine available everywhere, like Thai Steamed Fish, various chicken dishes etc. Once you order food, it takes a while for it to arrive, but there is no reason to complain while you chill. The food that arrives is made with passion, and every bite will exclusively speak to you.
I tried different food that most people might not order. To be fair, even my Thai friend felt weird when I ordered it. I ordered Deer, Ostrich, Snake, Snapping Turtle and Crocodile. It would be dumb if I choose each dish by name and describe its taste and characteristic because it depends on the individual palette.
I hated Snapping Turtle because it smelt like a rotten ocean sea monster. Crocodile tasted and looked like chicken. The crispy snake was surprisingly tasty, but there was a little pungent smell, and the aftertaste was not good. Deer and Ostrich were pretty much the same. The meat was a little rubbery but tasted very good. So Finally, my take would be for you to go and experience it. Order some unique food, sit and chill. And don’t forget to order Chang.


64 36 หมู่ 8 Lieb Tang Rodfai Rd, Pattaya City,

Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150


Jayanth Dev

Jayanth Dev

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