Sri Rangji Mandir | Exploring The Ancient Dravidian Temple in Vrindavan

Sri Rangji Mandir, located in Vrindavan, is one of the oldest South Indian Temple in North India. It got constructed in 1851 and cost around 45 Lacs rupees. Dedicated to Lord Sri Goda-Rangamannar, this temple also hosts 50 feet high wooden chariot for Brahmotsav Celebrations that happen once a year. There are two entrances to this temple, but the east entrance can be called the main entrance. The eastern entrance gate has a big arch built in a north Indian architectural style before the main gopuram. The temple also has a 50 feet high gold plated “Dhwaja Stambha.”


Sri Rangji Mandir is a unique temple compared to the temples around Vrindavan. From the architecture to the worshipping, the temple offers uniqueness to this region. The temple is widely famous among the pilgrims as it is jam-packed throughout the year. I visited this temple during mid-season Covid time, but still, the crowd was intense.

Entering Sri Rangji Mandir feelings like you are entering a South Indian Spiritual Adore as the tune of Nadasaram is heard across the temple. The temple pujaris also chant mantras in the Ancient Tamil language, making it a complete South Indian Temple.

Sri Rangji Mandir is not a single deity temple but hosts multiple complexes with multiple deities, namely,

  • Sri Sudarshan
  • Sri Narasimha 
  • Lord Venkateshawara (Tirupati Balaji)
  • Sri Venu Gopal
  • Sri Alwar Sannidhis

and others, including Ramanujacharya and the temple founder Sri Rangadeshik Swami.

The feel of this temple is incredible as you feel more spiritually connected with the calm surroundings. I recommend tourists and pilgrims visit this temple promptly.

Warning: Do not hire any Guide because they are all scammers. They might offer you the guide service for 50 rupees or even less than that, make sure you do not entertain them as it will be a scam.


Brahma Kund, Rangnath mandir,

Goda Vihar, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh 281121

Jayanth Dev

Jayanth Dev

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