Hooters, Pattaya | Reviewing The Famous Hooters Chain in Thailand

Hooters is one of the most famous American food chains that focuses more on food experiences. Hooters means breasts, and that is what you see in this chain of restaurants. Some good-looking pretending naughty girls who are way too jolly to serve you. Of course, that is their job, and they do it well, almost all the time. The main attraction in Hooters is their clothing, pushup padded bras that make even teeny-tiny breasts look big and those shorts for those lovely butt cheeks experience. Hooters restaurants are filled with men who would love to experience these, but in Pattaya, it’s different.


Jayanth Dev at Hooters, Pattaya

Pattaya’s hooters might be famous, but not for the girls. Pattaya already has many adult entertainment places that Hooters girls do not even come close to. But it’s famous for something else and that is food. Yes, Hooters Pattaya serves delicious or the best food compared to all the other hooter chains around the world. The famous chicken wings and their mouthful burgers are just a delight. Of course, the menu does lack a certain amount of spice for the region, but it tastes much better than other chain restaurants. The cost is very affordable, and the ambience is fun. The girls might not entertain you compared to other places around, but they play a vital role in keeping the restaurant lively.

Best things to eat:

  1. Hooters Original Wings is a must-try dish.
  2. I would recommend building your own burger.
  3. Do drink Chang Beer.


  1. Be fun with the girl
  2. Do not dare to insult or harass them.
  3. The smile that will help you a mile.
Jayanth Dev

Jayanth Dev

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