Hotel Moti Mahal | A Famous Non-Vegetarian Restaurant In Ahmedabad

Hotel Moti Mahal is a famous non-vegetarian restaurant in Ahmedabad, recommended by Muslims in the area. Located on the busy street of Kalupur Road, close to the railway station, this hotel is almost 100 years old. This restaurant serves mainly Mughlai food with few menu items from Chinese cuisine. Gujarati people are vegetarian, so it’s rare to find an authentic non-veg serving restaurant. Most people suggested this restaurant, and I visited it.



Hotel Moti Mahal is one of the oldest restaurants in Ahmedabad Gujarat, having a history of over 100 years. After researching a lot, I finally found a non-veg restaurant in Ahmedabad that people recommended. So obviously, I was way too excited to go and try different dishes. My first reaction to seeing the place was an overwhelming seeing crowd outside the restaurant. The cab driver also said that the food was excellent. 

Excitedly, I ordered biriyani, Sheek kabab and some mutton fry. I waited almost 20 minutes to receive the food, but I got only Sheek kabab. So I asked the waiter, and he promised to get the biryani in 2 seconds. I assumed that by 2 seconds, he meant two minutes, so I waited for the next 20 minutes to receive the biryani. 

My first bite into the bland and sweet biryani slapped my tongue with a reality. The people around who have grown up eating sweet and bland Gujarati food will obviously like this. And for a hardcore lover of spice who loves meat, this was the worst non-vegetarian restaurant. Sheek kabab was overly salty, and biryani was tasteless. I think that was the only reason why I didn’t see any tourists around. Hotel Moti Mahal is made for Gujarati people, and it only suits their tongue. If you are like me, do not go and disappoint yourself.

Sheek Kebab


Kalupur Rd, near Railway Station, Kapasia Bazar,

Sakar Bazaar, Kalupur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380002

Ph: 079 2212 1881

Jayanth Dev

Jayanth Dev

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