Top 10 Weird And Strange Food Items from India

Top 10 Weird And Strange Food Items from India

Do you drool on Indian food? If yes, then you are going to have the time of your life because this may be the weirdest article I have ever written. India is known for creating some amazing dishes which are mostly vegetarian. Meat dishes are also famous in India. Holy cow is a part of the menu in some places. Even though India consists of 80% Hindus, it doesn’t stop them from having super strange food items. So let me start from the mildest and less wildest food from India. All the best, hope you finish reading it. By the way, I have eaten most of it.

Gold & Silver On Desserts

Yes, Indians are rich enough to eat Gold & Silver On Desserts, and sometimes on beef raw meat. Gold & Silver on food is considered rich and nutritious however it doesn’t have any flavour to enhance the overall taste. You can also get Gold Dosa in Bangalore.

Boti Fry & Boti Curry

Boti Fry & Boti Curry are one of the most famous South Indian cuisine made with Sheep or Goat’s Intestine. Even though it sounds fine, it is not. The first part of cooking Boti Fry or Boti Curry starts with cleaning the Intestine. The Sheep or Goat’s Intestine filled with Poop, and cleaning it is a primary challenge. Even a small amount of uncleaned intestine can make your dish stinky. Boti Fry & Boti Curry both taste amazing. The balance of flavouring on the soft organs makes it one of my favorate South Indian Dish ever.

Bheja Fry

Bheja Fry or Brain Fry is one of the most famous foods sold in India. Bheja Fry is not Indian cuisine, but it is sold almost everywhere. The brain used is from Goat or Sheep. The brain tastes like silk mixed with fat. It is smooth and melts in your mouth.

Sparrow Roast & Raw Blood

Sparrow Meat & its Raw Blood is considered healthy and medicinal in Tamil Nadu. Even though Sparrows are considered auspicious, it is also eaten for medicinal value. Sparrow’s Raw Blood has medicinal properties to cure many diseases mainly Paralysis.

Red Ant Chutney

Red Ant Chutney is a famous spicy pickle available in rural parts of Karnataka and North-Eastern India. The Red Ant Chutney is made from forest Red Ants and their eggs with added spices. The taste is unusual, like a spicy formic acid, and pungent but you can eat, and in time you will acquire the taste.


Jadoh is one of the famous dishes from North East India. This delicacy is made with blood and entrails of pigs. It looks more like biryani but with blood and intestines. One good thing about this dish is that the blood is finely cooked.

Dog Meat

Even though Dog meat is illegal in India, some villages in northeast regions do eat them still. I tried to search for a particular dish, but I couldn’t get much information. It is said that Dog Meat is now not available anywhere but some illegal trade does happen.

Baby Shark Curry

Baby Shark Curry is the most famous Goan cuisine available across India. Tastes similar to fish, Baby Shark Curry is made with mild spices and coconut milk. Baby Shark Curry might sound bizarre but ultimately it is a form of Sea Food.

Fried Frog Legs

Fried Frog legs are eaten in many counties, but India adds some flavour to it. This delicacy is famous in parts of Goa, Coastal Regions and Sikkim, however, it is becoming famous around India.

Eri Polu

If you are a fan of Mysore, and Kanchipuram Silk Sarees, then you might like this. Eri Polu is a famous Assam dish with silkworm pupae. The Eri silkworm is used after it has spun its cocoon, therefore, you can still wear Silk Sarees.

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