Top 10 Best Budget Destinations to Visit after Corona Pandemic

Top 10 Best Budget Destinations to Visit after Corona Pandemic

2020 has been very harsh to us as the Pandemic called COVID-19 or Corona Virus swept the world with a tremendous loss to life. In the middle of this pandemic, many industries are suffering and the major one is the travel Industry. As travellers, it is our responsibility to at least uplift them a little but maintaining a good budget. There are many exotic and fascinating countries across the globe offering breathtaking views and generous hospitality in a limited budget. So, here are ten best budget-friendly destinations to Visit in after the Global Pandemic Corona.


When it comes to budget travel, the Philippines is the top destination that comes to our mind. The white-sand beaches that have glorious sunsets and sunrise are relaxing for spirit and soul. Filipino food is nutritious, tasty, and cheap. There are many hostels or house rentals that one can score as cheaply as 5 to 10 dollars a day. The local beer is priced at 1 US dollar, and a bottle of water costs just 75 cents; all these things make the Philippines the best place to visit.


India is home to many of the world’s most beautiful places and is renowned for its hospitality. Many bag packers flock to India every year to either see, Taj Mahal, which comes in Seven Wonders of the World list. India has many tourist attractions from North to North East to Southen India. Owing to its high tourist potential there are many hotels, food joints, and services that cater to limited budget travellers. In India, one can comfortably spend a day in 20 US dollars.


Thailand is a country of extremes. One can find meals that can cost just a few cents and also book tables that require just hundreds of dollars. Thailand has the best malls, shopping streets, and a fascinating mix of old and new. One just needs 30 to 35 US dollars per day to travel within the comfort and relative luxury here. Travel in Thailand is not expensive, and one can take electric rickshaws or Tuk Tuk as it is called locally to cover short distances instead of taking a taxi. If your bargaining skills are good, then one can also get a luxurious hotel room at cheap rates. Thailand also offers the best nightlife and inexpensive adult entertainment.

South Africa

Other than its beautiful beaches and rich cultural history, South Africa is also a hot tourist destination. People from all over the world flock to this African nation every year. It costs around 50 US dollars to spend a day in South Africa. The fine dining experience in this country is cheaper than it is in most European countries, so one should splurge on food here, especially when exotic meat like Zebra is on the menu. Yummy?


Considered Asia’s fastest-growing country, Vietnam is a destination to be visited at least once in a lifetime. From the urban experience of Ho Chi Minh city to the natural beauty of Halong Bay, Vietnam has everything for everyone. It takes close to 45 US dollars per day to visit Vietnam, which is almost close to Thailand. Vietnam has many hostels that cater to bag packers or solo travellers, and they are the cheapest accommodation option available in the country. For inter-city travel, one can rent bikes or cycles and cover short distances in limited money.


Known for the fabled tale of Dracula, the country of Romania and its region of Transylvania has captured our imagination from generations. This charming country in south-eastern Europe is less crowded than mainstream European countries like Italy and France, but that is part of its charm. With quaint medieval century castles and communist-era buildings, Romania has plenty to offer. The average day in Romania costs 65 US dollars. To get the best deals, one should go in the offseason and experience the natural charm of this historic country.

Czech Republic

This central European country is slowly gaining tourist attraction for its clear water beaches, pleasant weather, and mesmerising art attractions such as Venus of Dolní Věstonice and Charles Bridge. The Czech Republic has a vast repository of art and architecture. It is great for people who are looking for an inexpensive but relaxing getaway in Europe. In recent time many mainstream movies have shown the city of Prague and beaches of the Czech Republic, this exposure to movies has invited more tourist here. On average one spends 80 US dollars in the Czech Republic. In the off-season, this price drops to 60 US dollars a day. Group travel is more budget-friendly than solo travel.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a lovely coastal country surrounded by the Indian Ocean. It has rich biodiversity and fascinating conservatories like the Kosgoda Turtle Conservation Project and many elephant nurseries. It takes around 40 US dollars per day to travel in Sri Lanka comfortably. A large chunk of Sri Lanka’s GDP depends on tourism, and hence there are facilities for all kinds of tourists and services are available for all budget groups to be it a family vacation or solo tripping. The lovely beaches and beautiful places like Dambulla Cave Temple and Yala National Park should be seen by everyone once in their lifetime.


On average, one can travel in Mexico comfortably in 30 US dollars per day. However, places like Yucatan that are tourist hotspots it can be slightly more expensive. One can get a dorm bed for 12 US dollars and have a fulfilling meal at street-side food joints for 5 US dollars or less. Mexico’s public transportation system is well connected and cheap. Public buses are the best option to travel. Tourist spots like Coba Ruins, Frida Kahlo Museum, National Museum of Anthropology, and Guanajuato’s Mummy Museum are all less than 10 US dollars so one can save exponentially on entry tickets.


The small country of Laos may seem small geographically but has plenty of tourist places such as Dong Hua Sao waterfall, That Luang stupa, and Wat Si Saket temple. One can get times mean for a dollar at multiple food joints and travel via electric rickshaws. One can also rent bikes for 6 8 US dollars per day. The average cost of living in Laos per day is 15 dollars per day Accommodation rates in Laos are as low as 3 US dollars per night and entry to major tourist destinations including UNESCO world heritage sites are less than 5 US dollars.

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