Yuvraj Trivedy | Yubraj Kumar Jha | Yuvraj Singh | Scammer With Multiple Names And Tricks

Have you come across this guy? If yes, then watch out because you are under his radar. The last time I met him was years back when he tried to scam me – CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT IT.
This article is a follow-up on what is happening and his scams over the last three years. Let me point out that Yuvraj Trivedy aka Yubraj Kumar Jha aka, Yuvraj Singh, has scammed many people. I have just taken a few from those who got in touch with me over the years. And if you have also got scammed and want to tell the world – CLICK HERE.
Yuvraj Trivedy aka, Yubraj Kumar Jha aka, Yuvraj Singh scams people by building trust in them. Even though his scams are all different, the pattern is very similar. Let me talk about the scams first and then tell you his ways.

Hawala Fund Transfer Scam – Yuvraj will tell you that he knows people around and convinces you by behaving like a very mature and nice person. If it is a large amount and the giver is a little suspicious, he will make the first small transaction without any problem. Once you trust him, he will convince you to give ample amount for him to make the Hawala Transfer. What happens next is a pure scam. He runs away with that money. You cannot even go ahead and give a complaint because your act is illegal too.

Business Scam – Yuvraj will tell you that he has many contacts and he will take money from you. This is just a small summary because it is different for different people.

Marriage Scam – Yuvraj will tell you that he loves you and would want to marry you. This scam works in two ways, he pretends to give you life and takes advantage of you physically, as well as steals your money. He is a sexual predator, and he has made many women pregnant. He has done this in many countries like India, UAE, Turkey, Iran, and more.

These are not only scams, there are many more, but these are the basics. Now let us understand psychologically how this guy fools you.

Step 1: Higher than you.
Yuvraj talks highly about himself, saying he is rich, famous and has many contacts. However, his behaviour would be very humble. First few meetings, he will try to understand what you are and what you want. Once he knows your weak point, he will try to become a close friend by pretending to help you.

Step 2: Pretends to help you.
He will then take over the role of helping you in whatever you are planning. It may be business or marriage or anything of those sorts. He will call a few people (his partners) and pretends to help you. He will offer you something out of the ordinary that will sound like a sweet deal for you. Once you trust him, thinking that he might help you. He will unleash the horror of scamming you.

Step 3: Begging Money
He might ask you for money in various ways saying that he has forgotten his purse to help you in some deal. He will take the money and then disappear.

Yuvraj has been doing this for a very long time, and I have been trying to catch him, but what happened is that he changes his name frequently, and right now, he has a Nepali passport even though he is an Indian by birth. He started scamming people using his original name, “Yuvraj Trivedy,” but then it so happened that I came into his life. So he changes the name frequently. Like his Nepali passport has the name “Yubraj Kumar”. Then he changed it to “Yuvraj Kumar Jha,” and now he calls himself “Yuvraj Singh,” saying that he is a Canadian citizen, which is untrue.

He currently has a partner in crime, however, I wouldn’t publish his name or his face until I get more information about him. Even though this new partner has a wife and kids, he roams around with the Yuvraj supporting him in his scams.

Beware! Don’t get scammed.
If you meet anyone like him, do an online check before trusting. Who knows, someone in distress would have posted some facts about him.

If you have been scammed and want to share your story, you can CONTACT ME. Or join our FORUM and post your story!

Jayanth Dev

Jayanth Dev

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