Why I Hate Going To So-Called Indian Discos In Pattaya

Indian Discos are Pattaya is sh*t, let me tell you why.

Pattaya is a place for bachelors and for those who love to party. The first time I entered Pattaya, I fell in love with it. Friendly people smiling at you, helping you, and the calm atmosphere made me feel at home.

It was about 9:30 at the night, and I wanted to explore the night scenes of Pattaya. My first stop was the famous Walking Street. The taxi which I hired, dropped me off exactly at the beach road entrance. The first sight of the Walking Street sign was overshadowed by five North Indian men in shorts, shouting “MotherCh**d” and laughing loudly.

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I was disgusted to the core and felt very embarrassed. Even though I could ignore it, people around me looked at me the same way they would look at me. I might sound very racist, but I am just pointing out facts. I am sure you are wondering why I have gone off-topic, but this was the foundation. So coming back to the specific topic, there are many so-called Indian Discos in Pattaya namely The Nashaa Club, Raas, Maya etc. These clubs are called Indian Discos and are exclusively made for Indians is what they say but the reality is different.

Why I Did Not like The So-Called Indian Discos In Pattaya

Crowd –

North Indians, the kind who shout “Motherc**hd and Behenc**hd in public, populate the so-called Indian Discos. That these clubs welcome anyone with an ID is revolting. The place lacks any true sense of style and would never be appropriate for good people.

Music –

India doesn’t have only Hindi, and these discos have forgotten about it. They play non-stop bad remixes of Hindi Music, and when you are drinking, it sounds messed up. Even on requests, they do not play other languages. Therefore, as a South Indian, I wouldn’t like to go to this club.

Jampacked –

Keep in mind that the majority of the patrons here are from North India and Pakistan. Though people in the North of India love to dance and hold hands, South Indian men find it uncomfortable to even touch each other. There is just enough room to squeeze through here.

Place –

You are in Thailand for a god-sake. Explore other Thai local nightclubs.

I am sure many of you might curse me but I believe in honesty and freedom of speech. If you want to experience and enjoy Pattaya, then do not go to any Indian discos in Pattaya because it doesn’t represent India at all.

Jayanth Dev

Jayanth Dev

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