Nadia’s Kitchen | Review Of The Pattaya’s Famous Restaurant

A Review of Nadia's Kitchen in Pattaya, Thailand

Nadia’s Kitchen located on Soi Bongkot is a delightful Thai Restaurant serving Thai & Western Food served with Coffee, Smoothies or Alcohol. Nadia’s Kitchen is run by a lady named Nadia and her husband. Even though the place is a little more expensive than other restaurants around, Nadia’s Kitchen serves the most delicious food made from fresh ingredients.


Jayanth Dev - Guruji Foodie at Nadia's Kitchen
Jayanth Dev At Nadia’s Kitchen

My visit to Nadia’s Kitchen was accidental. Being a decade-old food blogger, I love to explore different cuisines around the world. I was searching for a specific Thai dish in Pattaya, and while I was browsing, I found Nadia’s Kitchen’s Facebook page. What I saw just made me hungry. The photos of delicious Thai food were plated so well that it just made me hungry. So told my Thai girlfriend to take me to this place and she was all happy to drive me.
My first thought of Nadia’s Kitchen was wow because the place was clean. Finely painted walls, good music and a pleasant ambience just welcomed us. Even though we went at a somewhat odd time, the lady server was extremely active. I ordered my favorate Thai Fried Rice, Nuggets and Shrimp fry. My ladyship ordered another Thai Seafood Fried Rice. The dishes were pretty tasty and sea fresh. The Shrimp cooked to perfection, and the flavours too. I never expected to find such high-quality food in Pattaya.
I was so happy with the food that I went the next day to morning breakfast at Nadia’s Kitchen with a friend. I had a delicious Fish Fillet, and my friend has an English breakfast. Again, Nadia’s Kitchen impressed me a lot. With a well-presented menu with great food, Nadia’s Kitchen can be said as one of my favorate destinations to eat in Pattaya.


Soi Bongkot between Mini Big C and
The Urban Attitude Condo. Pattaya
Ph: +66 62 005 0088

Jayanth Dev

Jayanth Dev

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