Guide to Pattaya Bar Girls, Freelancers, Online Escorts, and Their Prices

If you’re carrying some cash in your pocket, finding companionship in Pattaya can be relatively easy. However, being aware of the prevailing rates can ensure you get the best deal possible. When you meet a girl, she might immediately quote a price of 2000/3000 baht for a couple of hours. If you’re unaware of the usual rates, you might end up paying two to three times more than necessary. The price of the girls can vary based on several factors such as your appearance, behaviour, and hygiene. However, with the right knowledge, you can negotiate the best price.

If you’re a first-time visitor to Pattaya, this article aims to provide you with a better understanding of how the red-light districts operate.

After landing in Bangkok, you’re just a two-hour journey away from reaching Pattaya. As a suggestion, I recommend downloading dating apps to begin searching for potential companions.

Dating Apps

For first-time visitors, online dating provides a convenient way to connect with girls while maintaining your anonymity. While some people argue that girls may use edited photos, personally, I haven’t encountered such instances. There are several dating sites available, including Tinder, ThaiFriendly, and ThaiCupid, among others, which you can explore. In my experience, I have found both Tinder and ThaiFriendly to be great options, although I believe Tinder offers better choices.

It’s important to note that many girls you meet online may initially ask for an exorbitant price of 4000-6000 baht per night, which is completely unreasonable. You have the right to say no, but if you’re genuinely interested in a particular girl, you can try saying, “I am not new to Pattaya,” and negotiate for a better price. The average rates for these girls are typically 500-1500 baht for a short time and 1500-3000 baht for a longer duration. Anything beyond these rates would be considered a waste of money. Remember, when interacting with a girl online, try to engage in meaningful conversations as much as possible. This will help establish a level of comfort for both you and her when you finally meet in person.

Who are Pattaya Bar Girls or Beer Bar Girls?

Bar girls are individuals employed in bars who also engage in boom-boom work. When you visit a bar, these girls are there to entertain you, but if you genuinely enjoy their company, you have the option to take them to your room for intimate activities. Bar girls can be considered a relatively safe choice for having fun, as they are typically free from diseases, based on my knowledge. However, affording their services for a night can be a bit challenging.

It’s important to note that some bar girls prefer short encounters, commonly referred to as “short time.” This means that you can spend a maximum of two hours with the girl or until you reach an agreed-upon arrangement. The bar usually provides short time rooms, which come at an additional cost, along with a bar fine. To simplify, engaging with bar girls involves a few logistical considerations. Allow me to outline them below:

  1. Lady Drink – In Pattaya, there is a distinction between the charges for drinks you consume and those for the working bar girls. While you may pay around 80-100 baht for your own drink, the price for a bar girl’s drink is higher, typically ranging from 180 to 250 baht. This higher price includes a kickback for the girl.
  2. Bar Fine – The bar fine is a fee paid to the bar as compensation for the temporary absence of their employee. The amount varies based on factors such as the specific bar, time of day, and location, ranging from 300 baht to approximately 1500 baht.
  3. Short-Term Hotel – As mentioned earlier, some girls may prefer short encounters, and to accommodate this, bars offer short-term room rentals. These rooms typically cost between 300 and 600 baht for a two-hour period and come equipped with various amenities, sometimes including condoms.

Therefore, if you wish to spend time with a bar girl, you will need to allocate funds not only for your own drinks at the bar but also for the girl’s expenses. Bar girls generally charge around 1000-1500 baht for a short time encounter and 2000-3000 baht for an entire night.

Then, who are Freelancer Girls?

Freelancers in Pattaya are abundant and can be found in various locations. Taking a walk along the beach road can give you an idea of their presence. Freelancers are typically girls who are not affiliated with any specific bar, which means you don’t have to pay bar fines or buy them lady drinks. You have the freedom to approach them anywhere and negotiate a deal directly.

While finding freelancers is relatively easy, I recommend casually meeting them at popular nightclubs known to have a high number of freelancers. Nightclubs such as 808 Club, Insomnia, or Lucifer Club often host many freelancers. You can engage with these freelancers for rates as low as 500 baht for a short time encounter, and the prices can go up to 2000 baht for a longer duration. In rare cases, you might pay up to 3000 baht for an exceptionally attractive freelancer, but anything beyond that is generally not considered worth it.

What about Agogo Bar Girls?

Agogo bar girls in Pattaya are often regarded as the epitome of attractiveness. These girls are typically under 30 years old and many of them possess the appearance of hot models, boasting slim figures with no excess fat. While most Agogo bar girls fit this description, there are also some who may be plump but exude a cute appeal. These girls are considered exclusive and, as a result, command higher rates.

For a short-time encounter with an Agogo bar girl, the typical price ranges from 1500 baht, but it can increase up to 4000 baht for a longer duration. However, skilled negotiators may be able to secure a night with them for around 3000 baht, as I have personally experienced.

When it comes to additional costs, such as lady drinks and bar fines, the range is usually between 800 and 1500 baht for the bar fine, while a lady drink would cost around 200 baht.

Russian Girls Also?

While dating a Russian girl is less popular in Pattaya, it appears to be a pipe dream for a wealthy Arab and Indian. Girls with blond hair and green eyes are like guardian angels. If you want to see the best of the best when it comes to Pattaya women, head to one of the Russian bars on Walking Street. You might also run into them on Beach Road. Girls like these cost a lot of money, anywhere from 3,000 to 4,000 baht for an hour and upwards of 6,000 to 8,000 baht for an overnight stay. Like name-brand products, they are virtually identical but subtly altered.

So which is your favourite place to pick up girls? let me know in the comment section below.

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