Modhera Sun Temple, Gujarat | A Beautiful Sandstone Architectural Marvel

Modhera Sun Temple, located in the Modhera village, is a Hindu Temple dedicated to God Surya. Situated close to the River Pushpavati, the Temple was built-in 1026-27 CE by Bhima I of the Chalukyas dynasty. Currently, this temple is empty and is protected and managed by the Archaeological Survey of India

Modhera Sun Temple has three sections:

Gudhamandapa or Garbhagruha: The main hall of the diety. Currently, the hall is empty, and no one worships.

Sabhamandapa or Sabhangana: Kind of a dance hall or assembly hall.

Kunda or Kalyani: Reservoir Pond

Modhera Sun Temple, constructed using sandstone, looks captivating. This temple is well-managed by the local authorities, but is it worth visiting?

Jayanth Dev at Modhera Sun Temple, Gujarat
Jayanth Dev at Modhera Sun Temple, Gujarat


Modhera Sun Temple is close to Ahmedabad, and it’s just a couple of hours drive, so reaching it is easy. I was never even aware of this temple, and I am glad I did. The temple is beautiful, hands down. The drive to this place was also comfortable as the road is well maintained.

The temple is humongous and beautiful. The intricate carvings and the peaceful environment will eliminate all your stress, and that’s the guarantee I could give. If you are into architecture and art, visiting this Temple is a must. The temple has many different sections than the above. For example, the Kalyani or the Kunda reservoir has small temples that you can explore. There is also a Shiva temple on the right side of the temple for spiritual people.

Other than the main temple hall, explore Sabhamandapa as beautiful stone carvings with stories from Mahabharatha and Ramayana. Some also depict Kama Sutra and other Rasas.

I would truly recommend this place for those travelling to Gujarat or Ahmedabad. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Jayanth Dev

Jayanth Dev

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