Swathi Restaurant | Review of a Famous Andhra Restaurant n Bangalore

Swathi Restaurant, Rajajinagar Bangalore

The Swathi Restaurant has been serving authentic Andhra cuisine to Bangalore diners for many years. The traditional flavours of Andhra food may now be found at Swathi’s nine eateries located throughout Bangalore. While their speciality is Andhra cuisine, they also provide other cuisines, including North Indian and Chinese.

The Swathi Restaurant in Rajajinagar, Bangalore’s first Eatery, is the subject of this review.

Swathi Restaurant, Rajajinagar Review

Swathi’s modern fusion of Andhra and Karnataka-style dishes give it a distinct flavour profile. Most Andhra cuisine, including the staples of Biryani, seafood, and lamb, is prepared in the homey, spicy fashion typical of Andhra. The fact that the food is presented to you on a Banana Leaf is one of the many reasons why I enjoyed eating at Swathi so much.

From its inception in 1994 until now, Swathi has been providing customers with scrumptious Andhra Biryani, Andhra Meals, and other dishes that are sure to satisfy both their stomachs and their hearts. Because of the fusion of flavours and preparation techniques, the food at Swathi’s Restaurant has a slightly distinctive flavour. Chilli Chicken, Mutton Biryani, the Swathi Special Boneless, Full Andhra Meals and Chicken Raja are some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes.


Ground Floor, 5, Chord Rd, West of Chord Road 2nd Stage,

Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560086

Swathi Restaurant Biryani
Swathi Restaurant Biryani
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