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Aahara is a newly launched Restaurant located in RR Nagar, Bangalore. The food at Aahara restaurant is made with only the finest and freshest ingredients. Their website boasts that they use freshly produced products from local farms and cook everything on a wood-burning stove.

Aahara is fast becoming one of the famous restaurants in Bangalore for one specific reason, that ₹299/- Unlimited Biryani offer. Yes, Unlimited Biryani! But is it worth the money? And how does it taste? 

Aahara, RR Nagar Review

The number of people in this restaurant is shocking at first glance. You’ll have to squeeze through a sea of people just to get inside. As soon as you go inside, though, the fragrant Biryani food will greet you.

I ordered ₹299/- Unlimited Biryani, and I got Biryani which was freshly cooked and straight out of the pan and three starters that is lemon chicken, chicken kebab and chilli chicken. My first scepticism was fueled by the fact that it was too inexpensive to be true for many items. 

What I suspected was accurate; the rice used was broken rice, and the taste wasn’t very good. In my opinion, broken rice biryani is not a good option because it has a low-quality feel to it. The starters were decent enough that will go well with the average Biryani. One thing I noticed in this Biryani is that they serve you more chicken than rice at first and then more rice than chicken.

One thing is for sure considering the price they are severing, I believe this would good dining experience in Bangalore but if you are ready to spend a little more then I do not recommend this restaurant.

One more drawback of this eatery is its service. It takes a ridiculously long time to serve each customer—at least twenty minutes. It’s understandable that there could be delays in service due to a large number of consumers, but it would benefit business owners and patrons to find a way to alleviate the overcrowding issue.

Foodies, in my opinion, Aahara restaurant is not worth the hype. You would get a better delicious food experience elsewhere than here.

Aahara, RR Nagar Menu

Aahara, RR Nagar Address

No. 6, 5th stage, BEML Layout, HV Halli,

RR Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560098

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