O.G. Variar & Sons | Bangalore’s Most Famous Legendary Bakery

O.G. Variar & Sons, established in the year 1955, is one of the oldest Bakeries in Bengaluru. Located in Rajajinagar, O.G. Variar & Sons delivers the best and the freshest bakery product loved by localities. O.G. Variar & Sons was started by Mr Govinda Variar and currently, they are in three locations.

My thoughts / Review

O.G. Variar & Sons bakery has been one of my favorate bakeries of all time for the only reason that this place serves the best bakery products ever. I have been buying from this bakery for ages. The products are fresh as they can be, and the taste is one step above compared to all the other bakeries in Bengaluru. They serve a wide variety of bakery products, and my favourites are Dry Fruit Cake, Apple Cake, Butter biscuits and Veg Puffs. They are also famous for making the best Dil Pasand, Cream Cakes, Sweet & Salt, Milk Biscuits, Varieties of Buns, and regular bread. The prices are reasonable as well.


68, 12 Main Road, 2nd Block,
Rajajinagar, Near E.S.I Hospital,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010
Phone: 080-23324808

1217, 20th Main Road,5th Block, Near Focus Diagnosis Center,
W.C. Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010
Phone: 080-23400620

72nd Cross Rd, Rajaji Nagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010
Hours: 9 AM – 9 PM

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Jayanth Dev

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