Things To Do When On A Solo Trip

Things To Do When On A Solo Trip

Travelling alone is an art not mastered by many. It is not only a mode of rejuvenation but also an attempt to introspect and embrace the simple pleasures of life. However, relaxing as it may sound, it isn’t as expected always. There are times when the monotony takes a toll over many. Often, this sudden cut off instigates overthinking and creates a strange fear of the unknown, propagating a desire for companionship. But fret not; it is for you that we have penned this article. Be it a solo adventure trip or be it a wander’s exploration, we bring you the seven amazing things you can do to enjoy your lone trips as well as relish the me-time you have.

Explore Yourself By Being Your Friend

Remember this, travelling alone is a way to rediscover yourself. You might have heard similar phrases and these are all true. Because while you’re travelling, you are alone and you pay attention to yourself. It will help you understand your likes and dislikes, you will learn better about the world. So when you’re travelling, remember that you’re doing it for yourself and it will help you forge a stronger bond and believe in yourself.

Train Travels Are Love

A flight, how convenient it may be, can never replace the pleasure of travelling on a train. Be it watching the sun sinking behind the mountains or talking to the passenger sitting next, trains are the best way to travel. Not only this, but it is also a time when due to no network zones people are bound to either talk to each other or read, sleep, and such without the interference of the phone. Thus, you will stay away from the virtual world and live in the world around you, you will absorb it better.

Choose your accommodation wisely.

Not in favour of a mainstream and crowded hotel? Worry not for there are many options which guarantee you the solace and the freedom you want. However, one of the good traveller traits is to choose a hotel that has common rooms and common dining areas. You will also socialize to gain information based on experiences of fellow travellers, which can be used well to ensure a safe, yet exhilarating expedition.

Go Couchsurfing

If the crowds and the staff at hotels haunt you, then don’t panic for Couchsurfing is there to your rescue. An online community of broadminded members, Couchsurfing has people from across the world who open-heartedly offer travellers free accommodation in their homes and warmly welcome their arrival. Besides, it is a great opportunity for travellers who want to be left undisturbed. Besides, most often, the friendly hosts help travellers with a city tour and share their experiences, which acts as an icing on the cake.

Be Your Guide

If you are on a solo trip and wish to explore the city or the countryside, the best way to do it is the day tours. Available for free in many cities, these trips can be engaging as well as gives one the authority to go out and interact with all or with none. Not only this but it is also a great opportunity to meet strangers and like-minded people, who may be waiting in a lonely corner, away from the crowd, just like you.

The Art Of Conversation

Extroverts are blessed with the gift of the gab, but for introverts or people who don’t wish to interact much, it comes as a natural challenge. On one hand, it is a blessing in disguise on the other it leads to an awkward situation, especially when travelling. But worry not! It isn’t something that can’t be mastered. Even in the most crowded places, there would be a gang of people that suit your personality. Don’t be afraid to join their blissful conversation. The need is to gather the courage and walk up to them, rest assured, it won’t be a decision to regret.Besides, such conversations are an important source of information. There may be many over-hyped places or underrated spots which only a local can know and share. Thus, it becomes an important part of the journey to converse.

Join The-Dots To Make It Big

Solo trips are the necessity of life when one desires to be away from the hustle-bustle of the cities, spending some valuable me-time. Be it simply exploring countries alone or drifting to faraway islands to explore the unexplored, lone trips are beautiful in their way and most often, leave us with food for thought.

Keep It Short And Sweet

However, as enthusiastic and energetic one may seem, it is always advised and preferable to break a long journey into smaller segments or have frequent short trips than a long one. Primarily because while travelling for the long term, we may have a desire for companionship. Significantly, shorter journeys act as breathers to the mundane life.

Jayanth Dev

Jayanth Dev

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