How to Travel Better With Your Dog!

How to Travel Better With Your Dog

Are you planning on embarking on a soulful journey to a dream destination? And do you want your dog to join, too? Then there’s no need to leave your dog alone at home, or under care. Take your bundle of joy with you, wherever you go. It’s easier than you think and we are here to tell you exactly how you can do it, seamlessly.

Your faithful companion deserves a break too and a change in scenery can help with that. Here’s everything you need to know if you want to travel with your dog and explore the world.

Find Common Grounds

Wherever you’re going, you need to review their laws regarding travels. More importantly, review the customs. Then, decide which way is the best for you to carry your dog. Often, there may be an extra charge, and sometimes they are considered a part of the luggage. You need to review the regulations of the destination you’re travelling to, and of the transportation system, you’re taking. If you fail to find a way to get there, you might have to find a common ground. Sometimes the flight might not allow dogs to a particular destination, but a train might allow for the same location. So, explore your areas and prepare thoroughly.

Be Wild, Be Free, Be Unchained!

Why do you travel? You want to be free and in control of your life. Allow your dog to feel the same. Don’t keep your companion restrained to the bounds of the chain. Of course, if your dog is an aggressive one then you need to be careful. However, if you are carrying one for travel, it is important to understand that they should be allowed to explore as well. You can’t do that everywhere, right? So visit a park in the new area, or walk the streets with your dog. Instead of you taking it to places, allow your partner to wander freely. Who knows? You might stumble across something interesting.

Neat And Treat
It is paramount for you to bathe your dog before going on a trip. This will be comfortable for other people in the area, as well. Similarly, you also have to take care of the hunger of your dog. Ensure that you pack enough tasty treats for your dog. Now, remember, they are exploring the world and it is not a good idea to feed them the same old food. Experiment, spend a little extra on them like you would on yourself. If not that, then explore different flavours for them to munch on. Similarly, you can also try different shampoos and bathing material, or grooming kit for your dog to look classy!

The Comfort Zone
There are often when you would recall your home while travelling. Same applies to your dog. Missing is inevitable but you need to make sure that you’re there for your furry friend. A good idea is to carry something that has the comfort of the home. Like their favourite toy, the blanket or something else that carries the scent. This will prevent any howling or sad moment in your dog’s trip.

The Playful Wardrobe
Now understand that it is a great idea to carry warm clothes if you’re travelling to colder climates. Same will apply for your dog. You have to carry warm clothes for your companion, as well. Make sure that these fit and happen to be playful or colourful. Even if you’re travelling to a warmer location, you can experiment by dressing up your dog. I might like the idea. On the plus side? It will boost your charm and all eyes will be on you. Just imagine you and your dog in a loose vest with sunglasses, strolling the beaches. You even get to capture several great pictures, together!

It’s Playtime!
For you, an ideal vacation might be chilling on the beach or relaxing in a spa, but it changes for your dog. As an active creature, your dog needs to play. Therefore, you need to have an arsenal full of toys. Frisbee or throwing toys is one of the best things to do. Secondly, a chew toy for the room is a good idea too. You know your dog better, what would it enjoy? If it is running around, take them to a park where dogs are allowed. You need to pay attention to your dog’s desires, and the need to play.

Bark It And Laugh Out Loud!

That’s all you need. After all, a dog is a faithful companion. If you decide to not allow any of these, your dog will still be loyal. However, as a great owner, you should pay attention to their needs. Now, understand that you should not cause problems for other people. Travelling with a dog is often like travelling with a child. It is comforting, a new experience but often full of unpredictable challenges.

Jayanth Dev

Jayanth Dev

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