Kalasipalya Chaakna | Reviewing Bangalore’s Unique Street Food

Kalasipalya Chaakna

Chaakna is an old name for a barbeque street shop outside a local bar. The name chaakna itself means a dish made out of goat and sheep’s digestive parts. Even though it’s a very famous street food in other parts of India, Kalasipalya Chaakna is the oldest in Bengaluru. Having a history of more than 100 years, Kalasipalya Chaakna has been serving delicious sides for local drinkers.


When the sun is about to go down, a thick smoke raises with a delicious aroma of smoky meat. Four stations grilling tasty goat and sheep’s digestive parts might look scary, but once you try, you will surely be a fan. Saying goat and sheep’s digestive parts might be too rough as they serve many other things as well. The grilled goat and sheep’s meat items available at Kalasipalya Chaakna are

  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Fat – Grilled soft fat
  • Meat Chop – Well seasoned grilled meat
  • Sausage – Intestine filled with Minced Meat Masala. My favorate.
  • Minced Meat – Mixed with delicious spices.

What I love about Kalasipalya Chaakna is the flavouring. It is downright basic like salt, chilli powder, pepper and they top it up with chat masala. The meats are grilled using wood, therefore, the smokiness enhances the flavours, giving you a mindblowing sensation in your mouth. Even though the process takes much time, they make sure that the meat you eat is deliciously cooked to perfection. I was surprised when I got chop meat, it was cooked to perfection. A tiny bit of fat on the meat, just made the experience even better. I also loved the home-made sausage made with basic flavours mixed together and filled up in an intestine. The outer layer was a bit chewie, but it was delicious. Also, I thought that Kalasipalya Chaakna would be very spicy, but it wasn’t spicy at all. As I said, they use basic flavours which I feel is the most authentic way to grill anything. Sorry barbeque sauce, but this blend beats you at any stage.

Caution & Tips: Kalasipalya is a slum, and the place is unclean. I was a little hesitant to eat anything here but still, I took a risk. It was worth it and I did not face any kind of problem during my morning ritual. You can try it without any problem, and if you do not like the location, just go to the bar next door, and order from there.


Kalasipalyam New Extension
near JC Road
Bangalore, Karnataka – 560002
Ph: +91-9980810238

Jayanth Dev

Jayanth Dev

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